Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Simplicity of Wonder

The Simplicity of Wonder
by Alice Gardner

One of the things that our minds do all the time is to decide what is important enough for us to notice and what is not. If we didn't discriminate with our perception, we would get overwhelmed with too much information, so our minds are habituated to helpfully sort the wheat from the chaff, so that we notice what it important to us and not the rest.

The trouble with the whole system is that mind (if its running the show) thinks what really matters is anything that is a threat, and what doesn't matter are the things that don't change. Things that change and move and have drama get our attention, while the simple unmoving true nature of the people and things around us are not deemed to be worthy of our attention. Mind is just trying to be helpful, but without the influence of our true Self, no wonder we are having a hard time staying calm!

If we can notice this process at work we are well on our way to opening our perception out of its habitual narrowness. We can now intentionally put a portion of our attention on that which doesn't change, even while mind is being riled up about something. We are then open to the incredible peace that radiates from the world that is really here, behind all the thinking.

Wonder is the best word that I can think of to describe the way to apprehend the world behind thought—the world as it is before we think about it. To meet the world with wonder is to become like little children. This is the way an innocent child will perceive things for the first time. With the eyes of wonder we see without preconceived ideas that would cause us to no longer notice what is there (and only relate to the labels that we give things). We don't pretend that we know all about what we see. We just see. We just feel. We just know and are known directly and simply.

This is an experience of utter simplicity. It is an experience of just being Here and whatever we are perceiving being Here too. As we look around, we meet the world just as it is, without labeling it, comparing it, or deciding whether we like it the way it is or not. We meet the simple cup we drink from, the computer in front of us, or the tree outside our window with the wonder of being open to what they are, to what is there and simply being there with them. We meet our own selves the same way. We let it all be here with us, just as it is, and we allow the thought-based world that had shrouded it from our view to become the thing that is barely worthy of our notice.

© 2008 Alice Gardner

With Love and Light

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Using Energy to Heal Yourself

Energize and Heal Yourself

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the energy in it? Sensed and felt the silence and somberness of a library, the buzz and effervescence of a concert, or the love and joy at a wedding ceremony? In the 60's and 70's they called it the 'vibe' and now it's referred to as energy, but it's all the same thing; waves of energy particles that vibrate at certain frequencies. And it's not just in the locations we enter; it's within us as well. We are each filled with energy which is affected by the foods we eat, thoughts we think and emotions we feel. The higher our bodies vibrate, the healthier we are. Therefore having uplifting thoughts and emotions supports our overall mood and health.

Notice how you feel when you focus on problems in your life or judgments of other people or situations. Now reflect on all the things you are grateful for in your life. Think of as many things as you can and notice how you feel. Those thoughts have their own vibrations which affect your body's emotions which contribute to your overall flow of energy. When your energy is flowing with ease and lightness everything within you matches that. Imagine how healthy you would be living your life from this place. And because like attracts like, imagine how many wonderful things you would attract into your life from this energized state.

At our true essence as spiritual beings we are naturally in a state of ease, lightness and amusement. This gets clouded over by our analytical minds and emotional bodies. When we forget who we really are we let our analyzers run the show and allow our bodies to over react. This can lead to complicated thoughts, judgments, and heavy emotions. Yet when we reconnect to our true self and operate from this higher place of wisdom and neutrality, we can easily redirect our thoughts, clear our emotions and shift our energy. It's amazing how quickly and easily we can do this when we are centered in our spiritual selves.

Experience this now by playing with the following spiritual energy tools:

Centering: Bring all of your awareness into the center of your head, back a couple of inches behind your forehead. Notice the still peaceful quality there. Now move all of your awareness into the front of your forehead. This is often where we are concentrated when thinking and planning. Losing ourselves in this space can feel busy and complicated. Move back to the center of your head and find yourself there. By being in the center of our heads we are more aware of ourselves as spirit and can access our neutrality and truth. From this place we can choose to use our analyzers rather than letting them run us. We can also communicate with our bodies and be aware of our emotions rather than becoming them. Notice how you view yourself, others and life from this centered space.

Grounding: Become aware of an energy connection between your body and the center of the planet. Feel this connection flow from the base of your spine all the way down to the center of planet and allow it to be as wide as your hips. Being grounded supports you in being more present in your body, having an appropriate level of energy, and allows you to release any problems or foreign energy down your grounding.

Aura: Your energy space doesn't just end at your skin. Surrounding your body is an electromagnetic field of energy which is what you see through and are seen through. By owning this space and being aware of the edges of your aura you develop clearer boundaries. This supports you in having more of your energy in your space instead of spreading it out, depleting it. It also prevents others from moving their energy and emotions into your space. Play with expanding and contracting the size of your aura as a way to get a feel for it. Generally, having your aura about an arms length away from your body, in front, behind, beside, above and below will support you in owning this space for yourself.

Have Your Energy: Your energy often gets left with the people, projects and situations you have been focusing on throughout the day. To bring it back into your space you can create an image of a gold sun five or six feet above your head and imagine it's like a magnet calling all of your energy into it. Then bring it down through the top of your aura and into your body releasing all of your energy back into your own space. You will feel more refreshed and replenished having your energy with you.

Shift Your Energy: Become aware of yourself as a spirit in the center of your head and play with shifting your energy from this place. Tune into your state of ease and lightness as a spiritual being, then say hello to your body and notice how it feels. If your body is feeling heavier than this, set your intention to have your body match your lighter state. Here are a few exercises to support you in doing this. Imagine having an amusement dial which you can turn on and turn up the volume. Allow this vibration of amusement to fill all the cells in your body. Create a dot of clear gold in the center of your head and let it fill your whole head and then your whole body. Become aware of the vibration of pure love and let this energy flow throughout your whole body.

The more we operate through our spiritual awareness the more easily we can shift our energy and create a healthy life. As the saying goes, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It's up to us to decide who's in charge; our spiritual self or our analyzers and bodies. From there we create our own reality day by day, moment to moment.
Author Gini Grey

With Love and Light

They Symptoms of Ascension

The Symptoms of Ascension
Earth Mother through Karen Danrich "Mila"April 27, 2000
Part 1

We, the ensouling factor of this ship that humanity (along with all other kingdoms) reside on, also known as Earth, recognize that much of the material written through our channels is detailed and esoteric in nature. It is our channel's genetic lineage (which is one of the spiritual elite of long ago who governed ascension in a region that was once known as Lemuria) that causes her to be so detailed in her material. For there are the records of over 300 biological ascensions in her ancestry, and each occurred as the result of intense inner study and the consistent release of those patterns necessary to be transcended in order to ascend.

We also recognize that not everyone will resonate with this material as it focuses on more detail than perhaps the average human has interest in. So this article is written for those who are ascending and perhaps who are not the mapmakers but are ascending nonetheless and need to understand what is happening to their bodies and their lives.


Ascension brings about the expansion of the auric field, the chakras, the subtle bodies and the etheric body that surrounds the form. This ultimately translates down to a physical expansion that follows suit. This expansion will be for all species, including those in human form who choose to ascend. The expansion will also include the global body of Earth. The expansion of Earth will take many centuries and will be gradual enough to allow for humanity along with other species to move as needed as the Earth body is reconstituted.

Why is expansion necessary to ascend? The expansion comes hand in hand with a new biological and biochemical structure that holds a new vibration. This new cellular structure not only holds a higher vibration but is larger in size, which ultimately causes the entire body to grow in the process. It is not just the human form that will increase in size but all species, including the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms along with the dolphins and whales. This expansion will be roughly a twenty per cent increase overall in size and weight.

At another time, the human species stood ten feet in height and was much larger in bone structure and form. Over the last 10,000 years of human history, the human genetic material declined, causing the human form to shrink in stature by many feet and drop in lifespan and consciousness. This is also known as the 'fall of man' in which mankind fell so low in vibration that he/she embodied fear rather than unity consciousness and unconditional love. This has also been called the fall out of the 'Garden of Eden.'

Ascension brings about restitution in the genetic material and vibration that all forms experience on Earth. For the human form, this restitution causes many new glands and organs to grow in the form that allow for the new cellular structure to subsist and results in a renewed level of joy and unity consciousness to prevail in the human experience. Our channel is one of 5,000 mapmakers of the process of ascension in human form and has detailed articles on the subject available free of charge on this website.

About six years ago, the first group of 100 humans embarked on the initiations to restore the physical form to what is called the 'crystalline form' (of which our channel is one). It was determined, after some planning, that it was not appropriate to restore the human form to its original size and stature. For one thing, a ten foot tall human would have a difficult time living in your current civilization. The second consideration was simply an issue of chi or energy. Too much energy would be expended attempting to restore the original height to the form that could be expended instead in the process of resurrection and ascension.

You see, the loss of genetic material and consciousness has caused much of the human form to decay over time. Even babies are born with over ten to fifteen per cent decay already present that has become a part of the human genetic encoding. By the time a human is fifteen years in age, they stop growing and begin to age. This occurs as the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) ceases to be produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. By the time an average human form reaches age thirty, the form has decayed by thirty per cent. By the time the form reaches fifty, it is over fifty to sixty per cent decayed. Decay is aging, which is also the result of molecules that have ceased to vibrate in the energetic gridwork of the form.

In order to bring forth the first known cases of resurrection of the decay and the growth of the crystalline cellular structure, the human growth hormone must be activated. This hormone allows cells to be converted or transmuted to a new biochemical structure that holds a higher vibration and allows those cells that have decayed or scarred to be resurrected. HGH also brings forth an overall growth of the form, not so much in height, but in size.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Soul Purpose and Intuitions of the Future

Soul Purpose & Intuitions of the Future
by Julie Redstone
Not everyone would like to know what the future will bring, and from the standpoint of living life to the fullest, it is most useful to live in the present, for the present contains both past and future in an alive and integrated way. Yet, because of the soul-nature of each human being, it is inevitable that certain perceptions, knowings, intuitions, and even certainties can arise within consciousness, without the rational side of the mind knowing how they got there, and without knowing their validity. If such intuitions occur when asking for guidance or at a time of meditation or prayer, they are more likely to seem valid, though even then, they may be colored by other factors that alter the perception of truth and therefore may create a sense of doubt.

The fact that a soul chooses to incarnate within a body prior to a given lifetime, means that the soul has an intention or purpose in mind for that lifetime – something that each embodied self is here to do or learn. When this sphere of activity or learning corresponds to specific relationships that are needed in order that it occur, or to world events that must take place before certain soul aspects are brought out into the open and activated, then it often happens that there is also a sense conveyed of the necessary elements that are being awaited, though in a non-specific way. One can, therefore, sense that something very important will happen during a particular time ahead and that one needs to prepare for such a time. Or, one can sense that a particular direction in life needs to be taken according to a deep internal conviction that it is necessary, even though the more rational self may not know why it is necessary.

It sometimes happens that one must wait many years for a soul-aspect or aspect of soul purpose to reveal itself. This often occurs when world conditions must arrange themselves so that one is called into service, so-to-speak, in a situation in which the service requires a particular external configuration or set of conditions, and cannot happen before then. During the years of waiting, an individual may become disillusioned and doubting about what they are waiting for as they watch time go by. Often there is a sense of lack of accomplishment, failure, or despair about 'wasting' precious time, not knowing that the passage of time is in itself both necessary and a way of strengthening soul purpose. Instead, this waiting period is viewed as a testimony to failure.

We are, today, in such a time of anticipating great events that are to take place on the world stage in many areas of life – economically, politically, socially, and in terms of the way we think about life itself. Many are still waiting for the larger changes that they have been led to anticipate in communications from the soul level that will let them know how to proceed. These changes will also signal the fact that a new way of life is coming into being - for them, individually, and for the planet as a whole. Now is a time in which to develop deeper spiritual anchoring, since what will ultimately convey a sense of truth concerning both the present and future is not what someone else perceives regarding that future, but what the inner self believes and feels with a deep sense of conviction.

For each one here now, it is time to seek guidance and to allow the thoughts and feelings that emerge from the soul-level to have space within the conscious self so that the way can be made smooth and the heart can be made ready. This 'allowing' is best done through developing a way of spiritually anchoring in peace and light, a way that renews the self and its connection with its deeper spiritual Source. A spiritual practice undertaken alone can create such anchoring, as can being with a group of people who are similarly trying to find a deepened sense of connection with the Source of all and with their own path of service.

Blessed is this time of transition and all that it shall bring. May all who seek the light know that it is already within them, and that it waits to expand into its fullness in the passage of time that lies ahead.


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With love and light

Monday, February 25, 2008

Spiritual Growth Strategies

Spiritual Growth Strategies:
3 Simple but Extremely Powerful Practices
That Raise Your Vibrationby
Julia Rogers Hamrick


Higher vibrational frequency is the name of the game in experiencing joy, ease, peace, true wisdom and total Love. The higher we rise in frequency, the closer to Source we are vibrationally, and the more we experience the God-knowingness and true power of Source. Your frequency is correlated with the amount of Life Force you have flowing freely through you, so maintaining alignment with Source and allowing full and free flow of Life Force is crucial to experiencing the sublime realm of higher frequency. Here are some key strategies for staying aligned and moving Life Force through you:


* Radiate Love unconditionally.

When you stop tying your Love to people and other entities, your ego will find less reasons to withhold Love and pinch off the flow of Life Force, also known as "Love," through you. Ego will always find reasons why someone "doesn't deserve" your Love, or will shut down or diminish the flow if it thinks the object of your Love isn't open to receive it, etc. If Source—demonstrating the highest vibrational frequency—considered whether or not we were open to receive Love before allowing Love to flow, Creation would collapse! So, instead of loving someone or something, make it your practice to simply love, period! Loving, no matter what, just as Source does, is the key to maintaining higher vibrational frequency. And you can trust that your Love is always received—it is received by the receptive aspects of Source, thus completing the grand cycle of Love going out from, and returning to, Source.

* Be impeccably honest.
Honesty maintains you in the Flow of Life Force and Love. Dishonesty is of the ego, therefore, being dishonest necessarily removes you from the Flow. In order to be dishonest, which is an ego-manipulation strategy, you step out of Love and into the lower vibrational realm of duality, the misery matrix, the place where ego exists. While your ego may tell you that being dishonest is a survival strategy, it is telling you an untruth. Because there is no Life Force in duality, being dishonest depletes Life Force—hardly a survival move! Honesty is not only the way to stay in the Flow, or to step back into it if you've fallen for ego's misguided manipulations, your honesty provides an invitation back into the Flow for everyone connected to you. Of course, being completely honest with yourself is the first step.

* Make joy your priority.
Joy is your emotional response to higher frequency, and your guide to whether you're in or out of the Flow. When you feel joyful, you are in the Flow. When you are feeling less-than-joyful, your ego has choked off the full flow of Life Force through you. When you're in the Flow, your frequency is elevated due to the increased Life Force moving through you, and you experience joy and its constant companions, ease and peace, the state of being we all long for. The longing for joy is the carrot the Creator installed within us to assure that however far we dipped in frequency, we would always desire to come Home to the frequency level at which we were designed to thrive. When you make experiencing joy your first priority, your life aligns around that, and supports your staying in joy. When you are in joy, whatever you create is in alignment with joy, so joy begets more joy! Contrary to popular belief, joy is not just the result of some sort of mystical coming together of favorable factors, but is the result of continually choosing to be in vibrational alignment and in the Flow.

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This information is valuable to our spiritual growth and energetic connections. I hope you find it heartfelt and useful.

With love and light

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Increasing your Inner Visions

by Beth Coleman

The sixth chakra is often known as the Third Eye. However, according to the postulates of yoga (specifically those written by H. H. Mahatapaswi Shri Kumarswamiji), the pituitary gland of the sixth chakra and the pineal gland of the seventh chakra must join their essence in order to open the Third Eye.

The pituitary gland is about the size of a pea and is located behind the center of our forehead, between our eyes. Therefore, the sixth chakra is often called the Brow Chakra. The pituitary gland is known as the master gland because it acts as a main control center that sends messages to all the other glands from its two lobes, the posterior and the anterior. The pituitary gland prompts the proper growth of glands and organs and regulates sexual development.The pituitary gland is called the "seat of the mind" with the frontal lobe regulating emotional thoughts such as poetry and music, and the anterior lobe regulating concrete thought and intellectual concepts. On the other hand, the pineal gland is known as the "seat of illumination, intuition and cosmic consciousness". The pineal gland is to the pituitary gland what intuition is to reason.

The pineal gland is cone shaped and is located in the middle of the brain behind and just above the pituitary gland. The pineal gland contains pigment similar to that found in the eyes and is connected to the optic thalami, hence it controls the action of light upon our body. The pineal gland is located in the posterior end of the third ventricle of the brain and the pituitary gland is located in the roof of the third ventricle. It is said that the joining of the essences of these two glands in the third ventricle is what opens the Third Eye.The pineal gland acts in two ways to inhibit the action of the pituitary gland. First, the pituitary gland is responsible for activating adolescence and the beginning of sexuality, and the pineal gland checks the pituitary gland to prevent premature sexual awakening. Second, human thought is regarded as a result of suspended action, and the pineal gland inhibits the immediate discharging of thoughts into action. This inhibition causes us to look inward and to deeply ponder our actions and reactions.This introversion is indispensable for self-realization as it displaces our attention from the outer world to the inner. When the external world disappears, our circle of consciousness contracts because our primary attention is focused upon our inner self. It is this inner attention that magnetizes "spiritual light" into the pineal gland.

The third ventricle of the brain is a narrow opening lying near the base of the cerebral hemispheres and separating the two thalamic areas. These thalamic areas are the brain's "storehouse" of all our sensory perceptions. When the pituitary and pineal glands are fully developed and stimulated through meditation upon the sixth and seventh chakras, their vibrations fuse and activate the Third Eye. Once the Third Eye is open we have personal access to higher knowledge. The opened Third Eye is called the "Eye of the Soul".

Shiva yoga is a form of yoga practice which concentrates on awakening the pineal gland. This gland is often dormant because our third dimensional self is usually focused on the outer sensate world rather than the higher spheres. Shiva yoga teaches that cosmic light descends to meet the individual through the optic thalamic nerve connection of the crown chakra. Once the Kundalini has risen to the pituitary gland, it merges with the cosmic light which the pineal gland has received in the third ventricle.

The human brain has a fundamental resemblance to a human, androgynous embryo. The pituitary gland holds the positive, masculine charge and the pineal holds a negative, feminine charge. When the masculine and feminine energies meet in the brain it is known as the Mystical Marriage. The Mystical Marriage initiates the birth of our multidimensional consciousness and our conscious passage into the fifth dimension and beyond.

The rising Kundalini pulls the energy up from Mother Earth through the nerve channels, into the medulla oblongata, through the pons area of the brain and then down into the pituitary gland behind the eyes. The increasing pituitary radiations then pass through the third ventricle to awaken the pineal gland which has received light from the higher dimensions. The feminine earth energy merges with the masculine pituitary gland and the feminine pineal gland receives the masculine unmanifest energy from Spirit. When the two awakened chakras' essences meet in the third ventricle, there is the union and harmony of spirit into matter as the multidimensional forces of spiritual light merge with the matter of our third dimensional brain.

The opened Third Eye is also known as the Middle Eye of Shiva, the Eye of Horus, and the Horn of the Unicorn. The Temple of Maat in early Egypt was dedicated to the process of opening the Third Eye. The Third Eye is an etheric, or fourth dimensional, eye. It acts as a sensitive receiver, and transmitter, by which vibrations of many different types can be translated, interpreted and dispersed into our third dimensional brains to gain wisdom and illumination. Through this EYE, inner planes, thought forms, and higher entities are perceived. A better sense of cause and effect is also acquired.

All eyes need a lens to give meaning to a perceived light sensation, including the Third Eye. The Third Eye's lens is located in our aura, just in front of our sixth chakra. The psychic construction of this lens is part of the discipline that leads to the accurate perception with our inner eye. By using this point in our aura (between our eyes and in the center of our forehead) as a focal point during meditation, we can facilitate the development of our Third Eye's lens. Using this form of meditation also facilitates theta wave consciousness.

Theta waves (4-7 cps) occur in sleep and are dominant in our highest state of meditation. We normally only experience theta waves as we drift off to sleep, during some dreaming, and as we return from the depths of delta sleep. The pictures we perceive as we drift off and awaken are in theta wave. During theta wave meditations, we are in a waking dream where vivid imagery flashes before our inner vision. In this state, we are extremely receptive to information sent from the higher dimensions.

The Shamanic State of Consciousness, which is theta brainwaves, allows us to journey into the higher planes. The steady-rhythmic beat of the drum struck four and one-half times per second (theta waves are 4-7 cps) is the key to transporting a shaman into the deepest part of his or her Shamanic trance. The constant and rhythmic-drone of Tibetan Buddhist chants that transport the monks and other listeners into realms of blissful meditation also follow this rhythm.

Theta waves have also been identified as the gateway to learning and memory. Theta meditation increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition as well as other extrasensory perception skills. Theta consciousness allows us to connect with our creative inspirations, spiritual guidance and peak experiences. Through theta wave meditation, we can open our Third Eye and access the delta waves that unite us with Universal Energy and Cosmic Consciousness.

As our energies begin to awaken, some of you do not quite understand the emotions, the feelings, the thoughts which race within your minds and your learn more about these processess of awakening, you may be interested in reading more about it on my website.

Sending you all love and light


Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Power of Crystal Skulls Mallorca Event!

Schedule- Mallorca Event - May-The Power of Crystal Skulls

"The Power of Crystal Skulls: Awakening an Ancient Healing Tradition"May 7-14, 2008 -----

Wednesday, May 7:Meet and Greet in the Lobby at the Hotetur Bellevue, Alcudia Bay, Mallorca 5-6 pm

Thursday, May 8:Introduction of Conference Gina O'Connor director of International Spiritual Experience 9:00- 9:45 amHistory of Crystal Skulls Joshua Shapiro 10-12 amThe Evolution of Crystal Skulls Jaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels 1-2 pm Experiences with Crystal Skulls: a Personal Journey Desy "Blue Arrow Rainbow" Roodnat 2:30-4:30 pm

Friday May 9: Crystal Skulls and Cherokee Traditions Michael Red Sky 9:00-11:00 amCrystal Skull Channeling Desy "Blue Arrow Rainbow" Roodnat 1- 2 pmActivation of Your Crystal Skulls Joshua Shapiro and Desy "Blue Arrow Rainbow" Roodnat 2:30-4:30 pmCrystal Skulls and Earth EnergiesJaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels 6-8 pm

Saturday, May 10: Magical Mystery TourThe location will be a sacred energetic site that Jaap and Jeanne will be investigating prior to the conference. 8 am- ?

Sunday,May 11:Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed Joshua Shapiro 9-11 amCrystal Skulls and the Ancestors Michael Red Sky 1-3 pm

Monday, May 12:Crystal Skull Activation Jaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels 9-11 amHow Crystal Skulls Support Us in Our Creation of Reality Jaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels 1-2 pm

Tuesday, May 13: Crystal Skulls and Atlantis Jaap van Etten and 9-11amJeanne MichaelsCrystal Skull Workshop Joshua Shapiro 1-2 pm

Wednesday, May 14:Departure

Other InformationThe cost of the conference for the week is $500/341Euros. The cost for the day is $100/68Euros. For more information or to sign-up go to or
email or
call 479-754-8273

When contacting Gina, please let don't forget to let her know you were referred by me! She'll apprecitat it!

With love and light